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Traffic Engineering Design

Trames Solutions provides a full range of traffic design capabilities including traffic signal controls, signal warrant studies, weaving analysis, roundabout design, signing and striping, and traffic control plans for the maintenance and protection of traffic. Work products can include concept plans, improvement plans, traffic safety recommendations, and evaluations of traffic control devices and other roadway design features. Traffic design plans are generally prepared using AutoCAD software to easily interface with other project plans.


Signal Design/Signage Systems

Trames Solutions staff has performed hundreds of signal, traffic control and signage system designs for clients throughout Southern California. Creative, intelligent evaluation of existing condition layouts allows us to prepare base plans, recommend hardware (including detection and interconnect) and develop conductor schedules, signal phasing diagrams, installation specifications and cost estimates. Trames Solutions, Inc. staff are part of the team that has been providing traffic signal design services for the New Model Colony and has prepared numerous traffic signal designs as part of this work effort.

If required, Trames Solutions can provide assistance with site inspection, pre-bid conference attendance and perform design peer review. Design considerations include: signal coordination, preemption requirements, safety (pedestrian and bicycle) activity and future traffic flows.


Pavement Marking/Striping

Critical to the completion of a new road, redevelopment or realignment, a detailed striping plan is used to provide necessary information to the driver and maintain safe traffic control/management.


Traffic Warrants

Trames Solutions senior design staff has years of experience analyzing and optimizing timing and phasing plans for traffic signals, both at isolated intersections and within coordinated systems.


Construction Traffic Control

Preparing construction traffic control drawings for new construction or refurbishing existing locations is often required for land development and public improvement activities.

Progression Analysis

Trames Solutions senior design staff has years of experience analyzing and optimizing timing and phasing plans for traffic signals within coordinated systems.  Prior to recommending costly physical improvements, we explore applicable timing options in order to achieve acceptable service levels.

Transportation Planning

Our staff has over 20 years of transportation planning experience throughout Southern California.  We’ve prepared transportation projects ranging from access evaluations to General Plan Circulation Element Updates.  Creative thought and innovative techniques go into every study that we prepare.

Parking Studies

Trames Solutions staff has prepared parking studies for developments ranging from commercial project to churches.  We employ the latest strategies identified in the ULI Shared Parking manual to provide realistic estimations of a project’s parking needs.

School Area Transportation Planning

Trames Solutions staff has previously worked closely with school district staff in developing cohesive plans to address on-site circulation, off-site routes-to-school and overall safety concerns.  Our knowledge and experience in working with LAUSD and numerous other School Districts throughout Southern California has served us well in meeting the needs of the students and the concerns of the administrators.








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